The Amar Chaoui Childhood has been rocked by traditional African music of all kinds, from the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco ...) in black Africa (Mali, Senegal ...), and therefore inevitably percussion.

In college, one of his teachers opened a studio percussion; Amar enroll and learn from 14 years the basic technics of the instruments. It quickly became a passion which he will do his job.

Mastery of a wide variety of percussion instruments such as darbuka, Riq, bendirs, congas, bongos, djembe, pandeiro, cajon, etc. ... it is possible to share the stage or recording (or music albums film) alongside renowned artists such as:

Steeve Colman, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Sophie Elborg, Amazigh Kateb, Safi Boutella, Cheb Khaled, Karim Ziad, Aziz Sahmaoui Cheb Bilal, Reda Taliani, Zahouania Cheba, Cheba Fade

the, Cheb Sahraoui, Gnawa Diffusion, Gaada Diwane of Bechar, Sheikh Sidi Bemol, Daxar, Pipaz (funk music), Origins Controlled (Mouss and Hakim), Akli D, Takfarinas, Djamel Allam, Allaoua, Djura (former Djurdjura) Brahmia Samira Sheikh Lounès Kheloui Abdelkade
r Chaoui, Larbi Dida (former NPO), Desert Rebel, Hasna El Becharia and many others.

It is now 11 years old Amar Chaoui rotates around the world with its instruments working at the heart of music and different cultures.

His career is not limited to the music scene, he also puts his art in the service of belly dancers and participated in recordings of several artists albums and groups.

Since 2001 he teaches at the Maison Populaire de Montreuil and in turn transmits his passion to his students.